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Christianity: The First Two Thousand Years (2010)

March 18th, 2012

 FOR MORE INFORMATION CLICK HERE: Christianity: The First Three Thousand Years

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Editorial Reviews
CHRISTIANITY: THE FIRST TWO THOUSAND YEARS is the most complete account of the history of Christianity, drawing on ancient texts, the Scriptures, commentary from renowned scholars, and visits to sites like Istanbul’s Hagia Sophia. This collection chronicles more than the events and personalities that left indelible marks on the landscape of faith, but also forces behind them. This panoramic journey through twenty centuries of belief and conflict covers everything from the crucifixion to the revolutionary changes of Vatican II.

This review is from: Christianity: The First Two Thousand Years (DVD)
This is not a critical analysis of any aspects of the Christian faith, it is merely an in-depth look at how Christianity developed through two thousand years. It is not extremely deep, it is not controversial, it is not inflammatory in any way. This one is geared toward a conventional Christian audience and they do a very good job of laying out an awful lot of history – as such, it gives just the basics of most elements, but, there’s a whole lot of ground to cover.

VERY long series but well worth watching. My only “complaint” if you will is that Ossie Davis’s voice overs are so smooth and peaceful (fantastic voice) that I kept nodding off even though I was very interested in the program! I watched these discs forty minutes to an hour at a time, and I had to go back and rewatch a lot of the parts because I kept falling asleep! Not boring, the guy’s just got a very soothing effect on you when you’ve had a long day at work!

Highly recommend this set, get it while you can in this affordable double disc set.

FOR MORE INFORMATION CLICK HERE: Christianity: The First Three Thousand Years